My vision is for every person to feel heard, understood and able to express themselves confidentially so that they can overcome challenges/ suffering, function optimally and live their life to the full.
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Karin Pampel

Karin Pampel

Owner / Registered Counsellor

I provide one on one guidance for individuals who require support in dealing with personal or workplace related issues that are hampering optimal performance at work / home or negatively affecting relationships with colleagues or family members.

My mission as a Registered Counselors is to promote the optimal functioning of the unique individual in their home, work and social environments by providing them with the tools to make informed decisions to cope with the challenges that they are faced with in life.

More About Me…

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My areas of interest include

  • Group trauma debriefings for groups having to deal with a traumatic incident,
  • Individuals, couples and families who are struggling to adjust to a life- changing event such as marriage, parenthood, loss of a loved one, betrayal, divorce and illness,
  • Couples and families who are finding difficulty in communicating with each other, experiencing conflict, and who may be hurting each other through their word and / or actions,
  • Parents: to help them tune into and parent their children effectively, from the stage of infancy to adolescence,
  • Individuals: learn to cope with stress,
  • Manage difficult emotions and situations.

Qualifications and registrations:

  • Registered with the health professions council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • B Psych Internship in Trauma Counselling (UNISA)
  • BA Honours (UNISA)
  • B.Comm (Industrial Psychology)
  • Extensive experience in counselling at school dealing with children and adolescents.

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Samantha Van Dalen is an experienced counsellor, trainer and runs a private practise. She has worked with executives, teams and management teams across many industries. In 2008, Samantha moved on from her career in financial accounting in order to be true to her values of discovery, learning and empowering others through psycho educational training. She has a keen interest in developing current and relevant material, to keep abreast with societal changes in redefining the individual and organisational needs. She found her passion in helping leaders and organisations bringing out the best in their employees. As a counsellor and trainer, Samantha is known for being authentic, positive, inspiring, challenging, structured and very present with a warm approach. She aligns head and heart which is instrumental in building trust.

Areas of Expertise

• Facilitation | Lecturing
• Group Trauma Interventions
• Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
• DBT Skills Training
• Psychosocial Counselling
• Victim Empowerment Counselling
• (Volunteer SAPS)
• Reviewing & redesigning NAADAC
• Modules for the South African
• Context
• Solution Focussed Brief Therapy in
• Employee Assistance
• Programmes


  • Psych (Hon)
  • Enjo Seta Accredited Training: Facilitation & Moderation
  • ACCSA (Lecturing | Training)
  • PR Diploma

Dolly Makhado


I provide short term counselling approach. It focuses on a solutions-based approach in assisting clients (both individuals and groups) to reach their ideal goal/functioning while working through life’s difficulties.


  • English
  • Tshivenda
  • Sepedi
  • Xitsonga

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal issue
  • Family issues
  • Work difficulties
  • Trauma Group Counselling
  • Trauma Individual Counselling
  • Sexual Assault
  • Physical Assault
  • Domestic/Family Violence
  • Grieve or Loss (Bereavement Counselling)


  • Psych (honours) University of Venda
  • Registered with HPCSA since July 2011

What is a Registered Counselor?